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Vedas are the source of wisdom to the world. For thousands of years Vedas has guided the paths of humanity. Yoga and Ayurveda are the two most old cultures, they are the philosophy and science which has origin from the Vedas.

Vedattva brings these two ancient traditions in practice at one place. Vedattva means the essence of wisdom. Vedattva provides various programs where you can deepen your physical and spiritual practices.
We have a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, Ayurveda Doctors and therapists who has studied and practiced in their fields for a long time. They are fully capable of bringing the best in you to make you experience unordinary and memorable for the life time. These experiences will be guiding and inspiring you in the every aspect of your personal, social and spiritual life.


A healthy body, a peaceful mind, a natural breath, a blissful soul thats what yoga brings into life.


A holistic, ancient, time tested and traditional system of medicine that is indigeous to and widely practiced in India.

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About Sunil Bisht

Vedattva Founder

Yogi Sunil Bisht has started learning the ethics and moral values under the Guidance of His father in very early age of 4-5. His father taught and made him practice the karma and bhakti yoga since his childhood.

He has completed his masters at Garhwal University in English literature. Along side from the beginning, he was a keen student of Yoga too.  He has studied and practiced Yoga and Ayurveda from different teachers and masters. 

He studied in Kriya Yoga Ashram and has been initiated in kriya yoga by the Swami Shankranda Giri ji. Also studied in Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in shivananda ashram, where he has studied the sivananda yoga and ancient texts like Bhagvad Gita and Patanjali Yoga sutras. He also studied in Kaivlyadham at pune mahrashtra, a well known Yoga University around world, where he studied the scientific and spiritual approach of yoga and its practices. 

Yogi Sunil is master in teaching traditional hatha yoga, pranayama, mudras, bandhas, mantra and meditation, Yoga nidra, yoga philosophy , Ayurveda, Yoga to balance tridoshas, food and nutrition etc.
He has about a 15 years of long experience of teaching. Where he has taught the students from different countries and different aspects of life.


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Sunil is an amazing teacher of Ancient Yoga. Not just the postures and breathing techniques but the deeper philosophy behind all of it. In his class, I always felt deeply challenged and yet completely accepted. On one opportunity I had the chance to go on a retreat with him and it was extremely powerful living yoga in close proximity. I highly recommend learning and practicing with him.

Kai Van Bodegome, New Jersey.

One thing about Sunil’s yoga class is that it brings me calmness and inner peace immediately when I arrive on my yoga mat with his guidance. He has enormous patience when it comes to teaching and you know that he’s always there to help you accomplish what you once thought impossible. Out of the yoga class, he’s someone you can really talk to and relate to. Being interesting and the same time trustworthy is part of his identity.

Iris Jiang, China.

Hey everyone who can possibly read this feedback. I want to share my experience of learning yoga from such a great teacher as Anil. He impressed me with his devotlon to yoga and with deep knowledge of what he is doing. He is not only interested in physical success of his students, but also in their mental achievements. Personally, I'm so thankful that he is my first yoga teacher, and it's going to be difficult to find someone like him !

Katerina, Russia.

Anil is my first yoga teacher,i met him three years ago, and learnt yoga from him almost one year,he taught me what the yoga exactly is,and I love yoga couse of his great teaching, so i gave up my business and become learning and teaching yoga only. Though he is so far away from me ,but he still teach me some yoga theory and Sanskrit on wechat.He is not only our teacher ,but our best friend,He show us the way how to live as a yogi and how to be a kind person.

Sunkun, China.

Sunil teacher is the most warmful and trustable teacher! He does yoga from his heart. After his yoga class, i could feel supreme relax!!

Ayano, Japan.

About 11 years ago, I met Sunil in KM. He is the master who helped me to walk into the world of yoga. Time flies, so many things changed, but whenever I practice yoga, I know he is always there!

Christina, China.